Savage Ravenloft

Kavan the Grim

True to your blood!


The morning is spent recovering from the last few days events. Elias and the Master whisper soothing words into Elevac’s ear. It seems to ease the worst of evil pleasure tempations that Elevac had been experiencing since handling Donavich’s journal.

The group locates an abandoned house and decided to wait to see if Kavan the Grim will show up. The upstairs portion of the house collapsed during the zombie riots. The group waits…and Malkus notices an eerie mist flow down through the debris into the house.

The mist forms into Kavan! He attacks in a murderous rage. However, the group is about to smash Kavan down. On what would be a killing blow on anyone else (crushing chamberpots from Merula), he disipated into a mist, then glided back up out into the noon-day sun (well, still dour and overcast).

He led the group on a merry chase through the villiage of Barovia. Radovar shifting into an air elementaly and followed closely. Elias Blessed everyone so that they were much quicker and agile. Ellevac enhanced his speed with magic.

In the end, Kavan could not shake them. As a vampire (so the group has surmised, but he was out in the sun), he was running out of time and had to get back to his coffin. The group follows Kavan to his ruined manor. They eventually go back down to the cellar, after Elias grabs a few choice pieces of wood in case Kavan really is a vampire. Gar notices a place where the dirt floor had odd patterns – as if dirt had sifted down to another place. Merula and Elias found a pick and shovel in the ruins, and the Gar and Malkus quickly cleared away dirt to a crude wood floor.

As Gar was about to smash the wood planks, the howl and snarl of wolves are heard. Gar rushes upstairs and confronts six wolves. Radovar seals off some of them with a wind wall, and Gar kills two of the wolves and moves into a more defensible position. Malkus then blasts the wolves with a tornado.

Back to the cellar, Gar smashes the wood planks and a simple coffin on a mound of dirt is revealed. Elevac, invisible, opens the coffin. Kavan thrashes and curses, but Gar is able to pound the stake through the heart of the weaked vampire.

With its dying undead breath, Kavan curses Gar “You will be true to your Blood!” then turns to dust.

The group decides to scatter some of the dust, keep some as evidence of slaying Kavan, and Merula notes that vampire dust is valuable.

Gar Cursed by Kavan Loot – Throwing Axe = +2 Damage - Tongue Tied Wand – Silver face – Random Sounds. - Misc Item – Necklace of – Skill – Perswasion – +2 - Vampire dust (Kavan)

XP – 55 Stay at defensible house


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