In 4e, magic took on a new philosophy. They basically stripped out utility type spells and made them rituals. The remainder of the combat oriented spells they honed and balanced them into Powers. To a degree, SW is the same way. The Powers are all balanced for combat. So, I am going to add rituals to the SW system.

I main want to add them to (1) expand what a magic PC can do and (2) keep some of the classic non-combat spells like Message, Teleport, etc since my game will be in a D&D setting.


Rituals will not use power points or edges to balance them. They will be akin to a magic item. There is a market value associated with them. The other balancer will be time. Powers have been honed and optimized for combat at the cost of power points. Rituals use few if any PPs and just require time and (if thematically appropriate) materials.

Maintenance: This means the ritual’s effect continues so long as the caster has the listed number of PPs available. The PP are not used, just reserved to continue the effect. If the caster uses the PPs for a normal power, the effect ends (note this is the net cost after casting).


This is just the first cut. I do need to think about cost/PP/sustain


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