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Savage Rules

  • Guts Skill – excluded as Spirit will be used in its place.
  • Ability boosting items – you can use them to learn skills cheaper. However, if you ever lose the item, any associated skill drops by the same number of dice if it was maxed out. For example, if you lose the Spirit of the Master (dropping your Spirit from d10 to d8), then Faith and Intimidate that were at d10 drop to d8 as well. Any Spirit based skill at d8 or below is unaffected. The scores revert upon getting that or a similiar item back.
  • Rituals
  • Savaging Eberron
  • Investigation using Chase Rules
  • Insanity Rules
  • Invisibility/Stealth & The Drop
  • Blast Template Size (small, medium, large): 2", 4" & 6"
  • Traps

The World of Eberron

Most information about the world I have reference to the Eberron Wiki (EW). Material here is either more in depth published information than available on the EW or is custom material.

Main Page

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