Finding Kavan the Grim

Quest given by Syan Jarus

Having recovered the journal from Digging Up the Past, you are given the task to location Kavan the Grim. This has taken you to Korth, the capital of Karrnath. You have secured permission from Kaius ir’ Wyanarn III, the current sovereign to proceed with the investigation.

Adventure Log

Reading from Madame Eva

  • Holy Symbol 3 (Marsh)10 (strahds tombs)
  • Tome of Strahd- 1(Seigies Crypt), 8 (unearth, combine, destroy the relic creature)
  • Sunsword – 1 (camp) 6 (Treasury),
  • Kavan will come within three days – high noon or high moon

Finding Kavan the Grim

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