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    !http://natemarx.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/tarot_cards_2.jpg! Elias - Travel Judgement Temperance (ID) Heirophant Merula - Current Endevours Tower Hanged (ID) Lovers (ID) Gar - His Rage Death (ID) Chariot Lovers (ID)

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    h2. Sunsword (via Ashlyn) * Ace "Appearantly the weapon is hidden right beneath my nose, in this very camp! * 6 "To wake it, bring the sword to join the other treasures in the castle. I see a blazing fire protecting the place where the lord hides his …

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    "Ah, I am always available for a reading." The old crone shuffles the cards. "The first draw is The Moon!" !http://www.paranormality.com/images/moon.jpg! "The moon represents imagination. Dreams and psychic impressions. Illusions. …

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