Savage Ravenloft

Elevac hits on the harpy!

Characters: * PCs: Elevac Madra, Elias the Hexor, Gar Ironhelm, Merula Lanus, Radovar, Malkus * NPCs: Ashyln

Our heroes approach the cemetery and see a person shambling toward them. They hold back and fight the zombie at the gate. They hear a woman cry out “Silver Flame, protect me!” It sounds like it is on the other side of the massive mausoleum. They go around the massive structure. They encounter a couple of more zombies, one of them hideously bloated. Its fetited, rotting gas weakens Malkus.

To Barovia

The group learns that Kavan the Grim has been indited for war crimes. They are hired to continue the experiment with adventurers retrieving the war criminals. They first get King Kaius’s permission (which was surprising) to go after Kavan.


Elias – Travel Judgement Temperance (ID) Heirophant

Merula – Current Endevours Tower Hanged (ID) Lovers (ID)

Gar – His Rage Death (ID) Chariot Lovers (ID)

Digging Up the Past - Session 4
That was scary

Characters: PCs: Elevac Madra, Elias the Hexor, Gar Ironhelm, Merula Lanus

The “Big Fight” – the traditional end-of-module-BBEG fight. The basical plot was hobgoblin worshippers of the Fury (the dark, raging emotion goddess) was annointing a tough hobgoblin to be a warchief. He would unite the tribes and raise holy hell in the country of Thrane. They capture 5 scions from a nearby city and their sacrifice would be a part of this elevation ceremony.

Digging Up the Past - Session 3
Into the Breech, Lads!

Characters: PCs: Elevac Madra, Elias the Hexor, Gar Ironhelm, Merula Lanus

Haravak was able to lead out heros to Xul-Jarak. After wiping out a hobgoblin base camp , Haravak decided to let the group in on a secret way into the Grey Citadel. It was an old culvert in the rocky base of the plateau. The group encountered a few grates blocking the patch, but Gar managed to burst through them with occasional help from others.

The culvert led to a large cistern, which then further lead into a central cavern that dropped deep into the rocky ground. Working their way down, the group gained access to a lower dungeon level. After a fierce but quick fight, the group secured the area.

The went down one more level and found a large crypt that had been converted to a prison. The damage appears somewhat recent. After a search, the Journal of Jonas Koon was found! Merula Lanus picked up the book and feel a surge of dark, psychic energy surge through her, as if the journal was recounting the many horrors it had seen. Merula fought off the effects and they put the journal away.

A discussion ensued in which the group, at long length, decide to continue on to find the Scions of Daskaran

XP 2 (everyone at 32)

Digging Up the Past - Session 2
Plot Thickens

Session 2 Date: 02/7/2010 Characters: PCs: Elevac Madra, Elias the Hexor, Gar Ironhelm, Merula Lanus

Our heroes reach the crossroads, which is easily recognized by an large rock outcropping the rises up to three prongs (a fork…in the road…get it ). It is misty and overcast. The group hears the occasional flapping of heavy wings, but cannot spot it. Also, up ahead, they see a large cauldron brewing over a fire. There are other camp items about, but no tent or bedroll, and no occupant.
Digging Up the Past - Session 1
Finally Get to use the Coal Tower

Session 1* Date: 01/24/2010 PCs: Elevac Madra, Elias the Hexor, Gar Ironhelm, Merula Lanus

*I am continuing from the one-shot I did (2 sessions, Tomb of Horrors), but I am not going to count them since they were a test of the system.

The adventure starts in Passage in Aundair. They are given passage on the Lightning Rail after meeting with Syan Jarus and getting the job. Their final stop is Silverford (not on map), which is just across the river from Daskaran and is the port of entry into Thrane. The lightning rail stops outside of Askelios to pick up coal. There is a tower that dumps the grain in an open top car (describe that place in Marion). Bandits strike from the tower and have bowman/wizard. They use a blast charge to get into a storage car. The guards on the train are quickly overwhelmed.


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