Shrunken Shrieker

A ward in the form of a shrunken head


PP: 10

Eventually, a Master Head will convey to the witchdoctor a ritual to create a Shrunken Shrieker. This shrunken head can be used in a couple of ways. One is to guard a prized possession of the witchdoctor (so long as the Shrieker has one PP available). The other is to protect an area.

In both cases, the witchdoctor must perform a short ritual (half an hour) to establish the area or item the Shrieker will look over. At the end of the ritual, the witchdoctor makes a Faith check. Failure indicates the head does not understand the area/item to protect. Success is normal. Raise forces any intruder/thief to make a Spirit check or be Shaken from the horrible howl from the head.

Duration: 1 hour / PP Large Burst Template (Area only) Creation Time: 1 Day, requires a head and witchdoctor fetishes


Shrunken Shrieker

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