Smilin' Jack's Book of Riddles

A confounding book of riddles


The cover of this book has a stylized engraving of a rather evil looking jester. The contents of the book are just as disturbing.

Reading aloud from this book gives the user the ability to confuse his foes due to the disturbing nature of the riddles. The reader must pick a single target withing his Smarts x2” and then make an arcane skill of d8 opposed by the victim’s Smarts. If successful, the magical riddle causes the victim to lose concentration. All trait rolls are made at -2 for the duration, -4 on a Raise. Each use of the power costs 4 PPs with a Duration of 3 (1/round).

PP of item: 10 Arcane Score: d8


  • I’m about 4 inches long, with some hair near my end. While I’m being used, a white, creamy substance appears on my end, and I am forced into a dark hole and thrusted back and forth in little circles, do you know what I am? – I’m a toothbrush
  • How many sides has a circle? Two, inside and outside.
  • How do you stop a dog from barking in July? Kill him in June…

Smilin’ Jack was the last court jester at Thronehold before King Jarot died and plunged Khorvaire into the Last War. It is thought that the King was going slightly mad, and some in the court felt that Smilin’ Jack had a strange influence over the King in this regard.

Smilin’ Jack disappeared after the King’s death. He was never tracked down due to the outbreak of hostilities between the Five Nations.

Smilin' Jack's Book of Riddles

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