A weapon of death

weapon (melee)

In darkness, the sword glows a dim silver. In the daytime, it is engulfed in darkness. These represent the two elements that make up the sword, a touch of Mabar and Dolurrh , in which people fade to nothingness due to their apathy.

Rune Sword (Str+d8+4, AP4)
  • Veil of Mabar – Recover from Shaken is at -2. Even if spend a Bennie, must make a Spirit check (although that check is at +2 to the roll)
  • Pull of Dolurrh – If wounded by this sword, take on a level of Fatigue as the pull of Dolurrh is amplified by the sword
  • Death Feeder – Once per session, this sword acts as a Greater Heal for undead only

The High Priest of Vol in Karrnath forged these swords personally. They were presented to the Generals of the Atur Legions as a symbol of their leadership and power.

Pronunciation: [fyoo-neer-ee-uhl]


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