Axe of Ulok'ken

Raging Axe

weapon (melee)

A double bladed battle axe, the rage of its original owner Ulok’ken courses through the weapon.

Game Information: As battle axe, but those with the Berserk Edge may activate the edge once per session without having to take a wound or spend a Bennie (if they have the Barbaric Blood Edge).


Ulok’ken was a great war leader during the height of the Dhakaan’s battles the Daelkyr from the Realm of Madness. His strong will to fight allowed him to resist many of the horrors inflicted upon the hobgoblin tribes.

Most recently, the axe was recovered by Jurrg and was to be used in the ceremony to elevate Thrull to Warlord in a scheme to unite the hobgoblin tribes in northern Thrane.

Axe of Ulok'ken

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