Kavan the Grim

A blood thirsty henchman of Strahd


He owns a house in Barovia – Kavan House

  • From X Mountains, Y barbarian tribe
  • Strahd recruited him to join the Karn army due to his impressive size and fierce fighting
  • Thought to be mentally unstable – unusually bloodthirsty but also bouts of depression
  • Rose to the level of Captain and lead an Atur Company (undead). He was not thought to be undead
  • In 895, took over Xul-Jarak in Thrane and raided the nearby countryside
  • Town of Glister pilliaged under Kavan’s watch. Very few survivors, and most of them are insane.
  • After the War, he withdrew to Barovia and is thought to still serve Stahd

Kavan the Grim

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