Gar Ironhelm



Obtained a powerful axe when defeating Thrull in the bowels of Xul-Jarak.

Magic Items

Update – Combat Reflex & Block


Gar’s mother was a human soldier, and the only thing she ever said about his father was that he was the only man to ever out drink her. She cared for her son as best possible but that mostly meant training him to be a warrior because as she put it, “People will pick fights with you because of who you are. I can only make sure you’re the one left standing when they do.”

Gar is a bit ashamed of the blood rage that comes over him in battle, but has learned he must accept it if he is to control it. Control has proved elusive so far, however, so in the meantime he tries to avoid fights if at all possible.

It’s a hard life for Gar, and for some reason, the breaks never seem to go his way.

Gar Ironhelm

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