Savage Ravenloft

Release the Hounds


Quickly lighting up the pyre, the group retreats into the church as the baying nears the church. Pews are smashed in an attempt to secure the inside. Gar, Elevac, Elias, and Malkus grab silver candlesticks in case werewolves attack.

As the group attempts to secure the church, huge wolves smash through the window and doors. A furious fight ensues and the group manages to kill the wolves.

Later that evening whilst Merula is on watch, she hears a noise in the chapel. The group has holed up in a smaller room that has the trap door to the lower area. Merula is unable to wake anyone. Cautiously, she opens the door. There is a swirling fog about knee high in the hallway. Merula casts a few defensive spells and creeps to the chapel. There is a woman there, long black hair and near porcelain skin. Sasha Ivliskova talks with Merula. She hints at what Strahd is and his dominance over her. She warns that she may have to move against the group in the future as she cannot betray her Master, but says to seek the Tome of Strahd in crypt of the Prince, Strahd’s brother. She then leaves.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

The group awakes and discusses their course of action. Do they go to the Castle? Elias reminds them that Kavan the Grim is supposed to seek them out today, either at noon or at midnight.

Quote of the night:
Mark “Elevac is kind of a fighter…”
Ken: Laughs…

XP 52
Loot: Silver candlesticks with 10gp.


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