Savage Ravenloft


Sunsword (via Ashlyn)

  • Ace “Appearantly the weapon is hidden right beneath my nose, in this very camp!
  • 6 “To wake it, bring the sword to join the other treasures in the castle. I see a blazing fire protecting the place where the lord hides his wealth.”

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

  • 3 – “Seek it where the river flows into the land. This card speaks of elemental forces mingling together. The symbol should be in the marsh downriver from here.”
  • 10 – “You must bring the symbol into the heart of darkness. Take it to the home of the castle’s lord, his source, his life. You seek the crypts in the deepest recesses of the castle.”

Tome of Strahd

  • 1 – “The volume is entombed along with the evidence of the crime it records. Seek the tomb of the fallen prince in the deepest recesses of the castle.”
  • Cups – “You must find the three defiled places described in the tome. At each fane, you must unearth the relic it contains. When you have all three relics, you must destroy what you have created.”


“Mad Mary is destraught with sorrow. Her worst fears have come true. You will find Gertruda in the Rooms of Weeping.”


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