Savage Ravenloft


A bad time to roll 1,1

Night 1

Radovar casts out his magical winds to seek out aura of power about the camp. Over Fonso the Elder’s wagon door were two old swords, one of which the air spirits we very excited about.

Merula haggled on behalf of Ashyln and get the weapon for a reasonable price. Our heroes now had a powerful weapon that they need to activate its power in some way, although the Sunsword is not much to look at.

The group decides to stay at the Vistani camp, being allocated a big of space at the end. While on watch, Gar falls asleep while on duty (rolls a 1/1 while on watch). He wakes to a horrible dream of drowning and discovers a translucent figure next to him and skulking, pale creatures about to attack the other tents. During the fight, one of the pale creatures (a Wight) grabs the sunsword and attempts to the flee. The group manages to destroy him. Gar’s strong vigor is able to withstand the continued attack by a Wraith named Old Toric.

The next day, the group replaces the tents lost in the battle. The Vistani are concerned at the powerful enemies the group seems to have attracted. They decide to move out and head for the Ivlis Marsh in hopes of finding the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.

On the way, the enter the Crossroads and find a battle between insubstantial terrors and a knight. The battle is joined. The fighting is fierce, with Gar nearly driven insane from the attack of the creatures (called Murks). Fortunately, Elias is able to incinerate many of them with his burning blood spell.

They talk with Sir Urik and learn of the Wraith and also that in the Marsh is an old shrine to Saint Bogdan. After the discussion, the PCs turn to leave and look back….and Sur Urik is gone! There is hints to his long death in that his accent of Karnathi was very ancient.

Some funny stuff: Kathy—“Is that Frankinstein?” Paul—“No, that’s Gar” (moments later) “And golden boob guy?” (Sir Urik)

“We can provide that at a reasonable price” – Vistani haggling position when they are “winning”.

XP = 47 for everyone.


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