Savage Ravenloft


Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. - Ben Franklin. "But what if one is Undead?" - Jeffrey

Characters: Merula hears Doru and Donavich via the Message spell (Elevac is forming a theory about this, but is still not sure why). Doru tells Donavich that his mother was sleeping with the butcher (“Father, you even wonder why we always had meat for dinner?”) and that Donavich is not his father. Then, the sounds of more zombies off in the distance gives motivation to the group to enter the Church of the Sovereign Host.

The sound of chanting in a dark, vile language is heard. Elevac creeps forward into the church. The place is in disarry and appears more dark and saggy than before. There is also a large hole in the floor just before the altar. From below below, Doru says “Father, we have visitors. They want to come see your handiwork, your shame!”. Elevac flees the church as Donovich stands up from behind the altar, a ragged parchment in hand and a wild look in his eye, and shouts “you’ll not take my son!”

He completes a dark ritual that opens a rift to the Abyss beneath the feet of our heroes. Elevac was able to jump aside, but the others were not so lucky. All suffer grievous wounds from the clawing souls and demons that tried to pull them down. Ashlyn and Malkus are unconscious from the pain.

Donavich jumps into the hole in the floor. The group, with varying levels of bravado, either jump in the hole, find the stairs going down, or linger upstairs for a few rounds. Doru, a Blaspheme created from dark rites, reveals horrible secrets about the party members. Our heros are pretty hardened, however, and managed to shake off the worst of their effects. The group also notes that Doru had arrow wounds, which upon examination later appeared to be when Doru was alive. All the other disfigurements were post mortum.

In a pitched battle with Doru, Donavich, and a couple of zombies, our heros prevailed. Notable were Radovich creating a tornado to destroy several of the zombies. Gar finish one or two, and attacked both Donavich and Doru. Merula slammed them with flying skulls, and Elevac got his hands on holy bolts. Elias concentrated on keeping the party alive.

After it was all done, wounds were healed and companions revived. The group discovered that with the destruction of Doru that most of the zombies fell, lifeless. Also, during the night the group saw spirits of former adventurers rising up from the graveyard and moving down the road.

Elevac did go back to the other house that had been surrounded by zombies. Most of the zombies were dead, but those inside would not come out.

The next morning, Ashyln worked with Elias on consecrating the grounds. Elias found a hidden cache in the alter. Elevac opened the cache. One was a blackened scrollcase that eminated evil. The group scooped it into a bag and Elias tried to burn it, but to no avail. There was a few items of value, elixirs of healing, and Donavich’s journal.

The journal starts out mundane but notes that Strahd brings a heavy veil of darkness to the region (life was not so bad when he was fighting the war). When Strahd was away, Donavich had found the Tome of Strahd and was able to decipher a bit, but it was later lost. He cursed his discussions about the Tome with Madam Eva due to her being cryptic. Recent entries are his mad ravings about the death of his son and the use of the Blaspheme Libor (also found in the castle) to revive his son. The logic is tortured, and it had an ill effect on Elevac.

End of Session:
  • Radovar 40xp (new advance), the rest 45xp
  • Elevac with one “mental anguish” wound.
  • Area consecrated


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