Savage Ravenloft


An Invitation to Share our Special Day

We’ve decided on forever
and forever begins when we,
Ireena Kolyana, dearest Tatyana
Count Strahd von Zarovich
unite in marriage
Sar, the seventh of Nymm
at six o’clock in the evening
Castle Ravenloft

No RSVP needed…..

Descent into Madness

The group girds their loins to somehow release Strahd from his physical madness. The party arrives at the castle during the rise of a powerful storm. Shadows are longer, colors are blend to gray.

Cautiously, then walk into the grand entrance. The slowly ascend the stairs, pausing as the suits of armor to ensure that they will not animate. They enter into the grand audiance chamber. The room is briefly lit up with flashes of lightning, revealing a large, dark sphere, hovering near the throne.

When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.


Gar – minor phobia about werewolves.

(minor) Ring of Elemental Manipulation – water – Elias

Kavan the Grim
True to your blood!


The morning is spent recovering from the last few days events. Elias and the Master whisper soothing words into Elevac’s ear. It seems to ease the worst of evil pleasure tempations that Elevac had been experiencing since handling Donavich’s journal.

The group locates an abandoned house and decided to wait to see if Kavan the Grim will show up. The upstairs portion of the house collapsed during the zombie riots. The group waits…and Malkus notices an eerie mist flow down through the debris into the house.

Release the Hounds


Quickly lighting up the pyre, the group retreats into the church as the baying nears the church. Pews are smashed in an attempt to secure the inside. Gar, Elevac, Elias, and Malkus grab silver candlesticks in case werewolves attack.

As the group attempts to secure the church, huge wolves smash through the window and doors. A furious fight ensues and the group manages to kill the wolves.

A bad time to roll 1,1

Night 1

Radovar casts out his magical winds to seek out aura of power about the camp. Over Fonso the Elder’s wagon door were two old swords, one of which the air spirits we very excited about.

Merula haggled on behalf of Ashyln and get the weapon for a reasonable price. Our heroes now had a powerful weapon that they need to activate its power in some way, although the Sunsword is not much to look at.

Radovar's Fortune
If you cannot love the one you want, love the one your with

“Ah, I am always available for a reading.” The old crone shuffles the cards. “The first draw is The Moon!”


Sunsword (via Ashlyn)

  • Ace “Appearantly the weapon is hidden right beneath my nose, in this very camp!
  • 6 “To wake it, bring the sword to join the other treasures in the castle. I see a blazing fire protecting the place where the lord hides his wealth.”

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

  • 3 – “Seek it where the river flows into the land. This card speaks of elemental forces mingling together. The symbol should be in the marsh downriver from here.”
  • 10 – “You must bring the symbol into the heart of darkness. Take it to the home of the castle’s lord, his source, his life. You seek the crypts in the deepest recesses of the castle.”

Tome of Strahd

  • 1 – “The volume is entombed along with the evidence of the crime it records. Seek the tomb of the fallen prince in the deepest recesses of the castle.”
  • Cups – “You must find the three defiled places described in the tome. At each fane, you must unearth the relic it contains. When you have all three relics, you must destroy what you have created.”


“Mad Mary is destraught with sorrow. Her worst fears have come true. You will find Gertruda in the Rooms of Weeping.”

Or did it just get more complicated

Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. - Ben Franklin. "But what if one is Undead?" - Jeffrey
Characters: Merula hears Doru and Donavich via the Message spell (Elevac is forming a theory about this, but is still not sure why). Doru tells Donavich that his mother was sleeping with the butcher (“Father, you even wonder why we always had meat for dinner?”) and that Donavich is not his father. Then, the sounds of more zombies off in the distance gives motivation to the group to enter the Church of the Sovereign Host.

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